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Noida UP-201301, India

Fabrics for Print & Advertisement

Mehler Texnologies Fabrics for Print Applications

The fronts of buildings are perfect for advertising; they’re big, high and visible for miles. MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® banner materials are customized to suit the specific challenges of displaying adverts on buildings. The use of mesh fabrics allows the necessary air to flow through. High tear force and tear growth resistance allow the required tension, while the double-sided coating on the yarns makes the materials resistant to weathering and guarantees high gloss reproduction in printing.

The advancing development of digital and screen printing is opening up new dimensions when it comes to advertising and communication. There are virtually no limits any more when it comes to size. We offer a wide range of products for the communication of visual messages that provide premium quality printed materials for large-sized printing depending on the purpose – in web-widths of up to 5 metres.

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